Tips for Making Cheap Home Construction

Making structures and construction is the component that requires the most costs in the process of building a house or other building. It can even be said that the construction of this structure takes approximately forty to fifty percent of the total development funds. Therefore, several ways are needed so that these exorbitant costs can be reduced so that the expenses for making houses are not so large and spend a lot of funds.

Here are some tips for making cheap home construction so that spending funds can be kept to a minimum. The first, for example, when making or determining the size of a house, use even numbers. Or you can also use multiples of the length of building materials to make construction. For example, if you use steel construction, the size is three, six or nine meters. That is the most ideal size. As for those who choose materials from concrete, use sizes in multiples of four.

Next is to determine the shape of the building, the house you want to build should only use conventional forms, namely squares or squares and rectangles. This makes the cost of making the construction much cheaper than other shapes such as triangles, circles or other shapes.

In addition to the use of other materials, if the shape of the building is not in the form of a box or rectangle in general it always creates waste. One of the main reasons is that the remaining materials can no longer be used, resulting in an expenditure of funds that should not have been done. Events like this are more common in buildings that are curved. So you should just avoid this kind of building.

Good land selection also has a huge influence on the high and low costs of building construction. Try to get land that is flat and the soil condition is quite hard, not muddy or loose. And vice versa do not choose land that is very hard and rocky.

The condition of the land or land like this can make the cost of construction to swell because it requires special techniques and methods. Likewise, land with a steep slope angle because it must be leveled first. This process of land equalization requires no small amount of money.

The construction and installation should also pay attention to the existing weather conditions. Wherever possible the process of making this house is done during the dry season. Even better if it is at the beginning of the season. Because if it is done during the rainy season, of course there are several types of work that must be temporarily stopped because it is raining. Whereas on the other hand we still have to pay for the salary of the handyman even though he is not working.

Then for human resources, look for craftsmen and foremen who are experienced and have high flying hours. Especially if you don’t have much time or opportunity to carry out continuous monitoring. Even though they ask for higher wages, if the quality of their work is really good, it is better to choose them instead of using a handyman or foreman whose pay is cheaper but the results are disappointing.

As for the use of materials, everyone will know that materials that are native to Indonesia or locally are mostly cheaper than materials imported from abroad. That’s why so that savings can be made even more, choose materials that are local products only. Especially if you live in a rural area, of course it will be easier to find wood, bricks and so on at a much cheaper price.

Then for other materials, choose those that use alternative technologies. Nowadays, many materials are made using this technology. For example aerated concrete, cement mortar and so on.

Financial Lessons Due to the Corona Virus Crisis

The Corona Virus caused many crises in various countries, including Indonesia. Not only health problems, productivity and the economy are also falling apart. Then, what can citizens like us do?

At the very least, this pandemic makes us learn about several principles for managing finances in a crisis. In addition, we also have to learn to save money to get through uncertain times like today.

The following lessons about finance we can apply because of the corona virus and also how to save money to get through this crisis.

Have emergency savings

You need to have money saved in a savings account at all times. The amount must be enough to cover three to six months of living expenses. This savings is designed to allow you not only to cover unplanned bills such as home or car repairs, but also to get you through periods of unemployment.

By 2019, the average American unemployed remained that way for 21.6 weeks. Therefore, having a healthy emergency fund is very important, because those who are now losing their income due to Corona Virus.

Of course, it is difficult to build emergency savings when you are already deep in the midst of a crisis. If you have just been laid off, you are clearly not in a position to start building cash reserves.

On the other hand, if you are still collecting your regular salary, take this time as an opportunity to save your savings in the coming weeks.

We don’t know whether COVID-19 will spur a full recession, but even if it doesn’t, it’s clear that the economic impact won’t be short-lived. The best way to protect yourself from many unknowns ahead is to have a full emergency fund.

Don’t return to your investment

Some people don’t save a lot of money in savings because they have stock investments and their numbers can withdraw it in a financial emergency. But the stock market has been beating in the last few weeks so anyone who tries to liquidate investments for cash now risks facing huge losses.

Investment cannot replace emergency savings. If you quit your current job and don’t have money in the bank, you may have no choice but to cash in a few shares while it is down. But it can be a hard long term blow to your finances.

After this crisis is over, remember one important rule: Never lock money in stocks that you might need to use within 10 years. Instead, increase your savings so that you have the flexibility to leave your investment alone when they are down and let it recover.

The Corona Virus Crisis shocked millions of people, and it’s too early to say when things will start to normal. If you are not financially ready for a situation like this before, promise to at least learn from this almost unexpected experience.

With a little luck, you will recover as quickly as possible and set yourself up to be financially safer in the long run.

Then, What Must Be Done to Save on Corona Virus Crisis?

We do not know how long the Corona Virus pandemic will be in Indonesia. COVID-19 has influenced many aspects including the national economy. For this reason, as long as things have not improved, we need to try to be thrifty.

Here are tips you can do.

Prioritize bills

Whether your work is affected or not, look at all your bills and identify which ones are important and which you may not need to pay immediately. Check-in with a service provider because some may offer help or an option to skip payment temporarily.

Reduce expenses

You have to start reducing unnecessary and free expenses in case things get worse. These expenses can include entertainment, certain foods, and luxury. The savings must be put into a savings account as an emergency fund if you lose income in the next few weeks or months.

Reach credit cards

If you have lost income and are having trouble paying debt, contact your credit card provider immediately. In general, credit card providers offer trouble programs, and some will even give a small period of not paying.
Remove automatic debit payments

If you feel you will experience a cash crisis, you should consider removing automatic debit payments for your bills and other utilities. This way you can give yourself more flexibility to prioritize expenses.

Tips for Managing Many Money Wisely

Having a lot of money does not guarantee your life will be happy and peaceful, if you cannot manage it wisely. Having abundant wealth might be everyone’s hope.

With a large amount of wealth and money you can certainly do anything. However, also make sure you can manage it well so it doesn’t run out for unnecessary purposes.

In fact, money is important for humans and plays an important role. Almost all human activities and needs can run well with money. Therefore, it is not surprising that all people are desperately collecting money to be able to live better and happier.

Although having a lot of money can guarantee you to live more comfortably and happily, but if you can’t manage it properly, it will turn around to create a lot of problems. Therefore this is the importance of learning to manage finances wisely so that the money you have can provide great benefits for you.

Not everyone has the ability to manage and manage finances properly. This in the end made many people misstep in utilizing the money they have. So that you do not do the same thing, it never hurts to try to learn to manage financial management with simple as follows.

Manage your finances well

Managing finances well is indeed not an easy thing to do. Especially if you are not used to managing a lot of money, certainly it will be a little confusing. But you have to start learning from now on to get used to it more easily. In order to manage your finances properly, you can follow these financial management tips.

Make financial planning

In managing financial management, the first thing to do is to make financial planning carefully. At this stage you can make your own planning or ask for financial assistance. If you want it easier, now there are also many fintech applications that can be used to help plan a lot of financial money to be better.

Scale priorities

Tips for managing financial management next is to scale financial priorities well. In this case, you are required to be able to distinguish between needs and desires. Try to prioritize productive needs compared to consumptive needs. With so much money you have, it will be more useful and can benefit.

Record expenses

The next tip for managing financial management is to keep a record of all your expenses. You can record ranging from expenses for routine needs, insurance, investment, savings to the cost of entertainment such as holidays. By keeping track of all these expenses, you can control your finances so that there is no “greater stake than the pole”.

Avoid Using Lots of Money for Consumptive Needs

When you have enough money, surely your wish list will also be more and more. This is actually a natural thing, but you still need to be wise and selective to realize your various desires. Do not let this desire will actually plunge you into things that can hurt your finances.

To avoid financial mistakes, it helps you avoid using money for consumptive needs. Obeying all your consumptive needs will only make you have to spend a lot of money for useless things. If you keep doing things like that, it’s not impossible your money will run out in a short time.

The way to avoid using money for consumptive needs is to make good financial planning. With this trick, your money can be channeled in a more organized manner to minimize the possibility of misuse that causes financial difficulties in the future.

One more way to avoid a consumptive lifestyle is to avoid using credit cards. With a credit card it does make many transactions easier and faster. However, this method can actually lead to consumptive activities that can make a lot of your money run out without you knowing.

Take advantage of money as venture capital and investment

There are many ways you can do to make use of money in order to bring in greater profits. One way is to use it as venture capital. You can start a business or business either on a small or large scale depending on your ability. In this way, you will increase a lot of money because it is used for productive activities.

In addition to making it a venture capital, you can also use it to invest. This method is arguably the smartest way for you to try to find greater profits. You can choose the safest and most profitable investment type and in accordance with your passion.

One place that can be used to start investing a lot of your money is in P2P Lending People’s Capital. Capital People is a fintech company that offers investment to anyone both large and small amounts.

People’s Capital has also been officially licensed from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so you don’t need to doubt its safety. Not only that, the process of starting an investment is also quite easy so anyone can do it.

That’s an interesting review of how to manage finances wisely and well you need to know. Although it looks trivial, managing finances correctly and wisely is actually not an easy thing to do especially if you are faced with large amounts of money. However, this is very important to learn so that you have a lot of money can produce greater profits, not even used up for things that are less useful.